The business of blogging

I work for a marketing communications company called The Communication Group in San Francisco, CA. When I started there, I was surprised to learn that they didn’t have a blog. To me, the purpose and place of business blogging is obvious. To others, it’s more obscure. My co-workers believe I’ve had several large pitchers of the new Kool Aide. They wonder what purpose a blog serves. Why expend the effort? What if I write something stupid? What if there’s nothing to say? To that I say let’s find out. First hand experience is a great teacher.

Disclaimer: For the past couple of years I’ve been inspired, influenced, and sometimes maddened by some notable folks. To make matters worse, I just finished Scoble and Israel’s Naked Conversations. I put this out there only to provide a point of reference as to which flavor of Kool Aide I’ve been drinking.

First and foremost, Dave Winer. He’s someone I heard about in the mid-80s when he had an innovative software company called Living Videotext. He continues to innovate in big ways. Next is my dear friend Renee Blodgett, as inspiring a character as I’ve ever met. She helped me understand what blogs can do for businesses. Stowe Boyd is noteable as much for his technology insights as for his humanness and “no assholes” philosophy. A cause I can endorse. Batting cleanup is Marc Canter. Marc and I have had an off and on association that has lasted over 20 years. He’s my nomination for comeback entreprenuer of the year.



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