Student happiness index

Another way to understand happiness is with a smaller statistical pool. The Princeton Review claims to have a handle on the top 10 Universities in the US measured by student happiness. They are:

  1. Brown University, an Ivy.
  2. Princeton University, an Ivy as well. Natch.
  3. Whitman College, not Ivy. Walla Walla in fact.
  4. Clemson University, not Ivy. Who cares?
  5. Stanford University, not Ivy. But again, who cares?
  6. The College of New Jersey. Huh?
  7. Tufts University, not Ivy at all.
  8. University of Tulsa, not Ivy. Not at all.
  9. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, not Ivy. Let the games begin!
  10. Yale University, an Ivy. Home of blue bloods, Skull ‘n Bones, and other nefarious plots.

There’s precious little information on the Princeton Review’s happiness criteria or even how their survey was conducted. If anyone wants to venture a guess, leave a comment.

They fail to mention the most important thing. Happiness is an intensely individual thing that waxes and wanes over time. A statistical snapshot is virtually meaningless.


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