Mashups For The Masses

It’s been a while since I’ve been as enthusiastic about a bit of software as I am about Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo raised the bar in the feed aggregation business with this GUI for aggregating and filtering multiple content feeds. It is astonishingly easy to use.

Thanks to a nice quickstart tutorial by Mr. Speaker, grokking the potential is easy. Drag out the modules, enter some data in the fields, and connect them together. Tinker toys for today.

Yahoo Pipes!

The ease with which you can filter aggregated content is very nice. The criteria by which you filter will change as additional microformats are adopted. My Yahoo won’t go away, but I won’t be using it anymore. Pipes lets me fine tune my content selections. In that sense it lets me personalize my media. If you think about multimedia feeds (blogs, video, audio, pictures) some interesting possibilities start emerging.

Yahoo says it’s a beta, but the Filter module felt more alphaish to me. I’m sure it will be fixed, along with their provisioning. The server was down today as the word spread and the clickstream turned into a torrent.

Pipes takes mashups to the masses. ‘Bout time!


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