Something New


I’ve joined forces with an old colleague, Tony Bove, to start an agency called Tacit Partners. We’ve taken the name from a thread of conversation on Tacit Knowledge. That’s the information in an organization that’s not easily shared. It’s buried in knowledge that individuals have, but find difficult to share. Our job is to use our methodology to extract, compose, and deliver that communication to the right people at the right time.

Much of our thinking is influenced by the current crop of lightweight tools that are collectively known as Enterprise 2.0. Since much of that software is oriented towards sharing content it plays a part in our thinking around feeds, structured tagging, filtering, and presentation. Our solution guide outlines platforms that can augment the marketer’s communication channels.

Still, GIGO is a valid rule, so our solutions are not just technical ones. It’s an editorial, process and people solution as well. There’s no substitute for elbow grease and persistence when trying to meet deadlines with timely and relevant information.

We’ve hung out our shingle and are launching our company. Stay tuned.


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