This is the second year in a row that I’ve attended Tony Perkin’s AlwaysOn Hollywood conference. Surprisingly, there are fewer familiar faces this year and the company lineup doesn’t seem as innovative as last year’s. I don’t think that’s because I’m jaded. I think it’s just a passing phase as innovation is copied, variations are made and positioning is differentiated in a growing marketplace. Perhaps next year we’ll see more acquisitions and rollups. After all, there are plenty of established players (Google, Yahoo, AOL) that continue to fill out their services with smart acquisitions.

Two companies that stood out after the first full conference day are Kyte.TV and BlogTalkRadio.


Kyte.tv enables anyone with a cell phone that records video to upload their video to any website and share it with anyone that subscribes to your channel. The service integrates chat with your video stream, opening the door to real time collaboration with your viewers. It’s Justin.tv for the masses. The New York Times mentioned Kyte earlier this week, but strangely the reader’s comments were fairly negative. I guess the average age of the Times reader is over 40.


BlogTalkRadio is another connection point between cell phones and the Internet. Their service allows anyone to embed a live phone connection with a website or blog. Up to six callers can call in and talk among themselves. The call can be heard live by the callers and when it is concluded, it can be automatically archived as a podcast. This melding of media is just the beginning. As bandwidth increases so will the opportunity for mixing rich media types in novel ways. This is just the beginning of an important trend towards real time collaborative media online.


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