Blogging 101


I’ve put together a great program and panel called Blogging 101 for the next Silicon Valley Social Media Club meeting. It’s an ambitious overview that covers everything from consuming blogs to the future of blogs. The event is FREE and will be in North San Jose at the NBC11 studios.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

6:00 pm PT – 8:00 pm PT
2450 N. First Street
San Jose, 95131

The evening’s panelists to blogging from a variety of perspectives but enterprise experience is one thing they have in common. The panelists are:

  • Tony Bove – author, journalist, publisher, blogger, musician, consultant, technophile, WordPress Guru, blogger
  • Elisa Camahort – Blogher co-founder, author, marketing executive, consultant, vegan, blogger
  • Jeremiah Owyang – PodTech web strategist, innovator, consultant, Ustreamer, blogger
  • Lisa Padilla – BlogTalkRadio VP Marketing, podcaster, technophile, narrowcaster, blogger

Here’s the outline:

Where’s the value in the blogosphere?

  • Another marcomm channel…
  • What about PR…
  • Touching customers and partners…
  • Workgroups…
  • Market intelligence…

Thinking about your Blog

  • Audience
  • Messaging
  • Engaging the conversation

Consuming blogs

  • Finding relevant blogs and bloggers
  • Feeds and aggregation
  • Alerts and updates

Starting a blog is easy

  • Tony will create something in WordPress
  • widgets
  • customization.

You have a blog, so what?

  • The role of strategy
  • Where are the relevant conversations happening?
  • How to engage
  • The communication channel mix

The future of enterprise blogs

  • Blog as website paradigm
  • Is it really a CMS?
  • The multimedia blog (and new applications)

Hope you can make it. Be sure to RSVP at eventbright…we need to know how much pizza to order!


3 Responses to “Blogging 101”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Thank you for having me, you did a great job moderating and keeping things moving and lively!

    The video is here:

  3. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » NBC Hosts Social Media Club, focus on Business Blogging Says:

    […] I had a wonderful time speaking tonight at NBC in San Jose. I’ll post some photos tomorrow when I’m not tired. Our focus? We talked about business blogging for enterprises, and it was a very lively conversation between the panelists and the audience. I was glad to meet Steve Sloan tonight, who’s known for his new/social media programs at San Jose State. Mike McGrath did a fantastic job moderating the panel, very insightful. […]

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