Skypeless (certainly) and helpless (almost)


Today’s massive failure at Skype makes me want my analog rotary phone. I’m forgiving of most technical glitches and have come to rely on Skype for most of my work calls. This morning, Skype made me late to my regular morning conference call. An inconvenience that I’m not going to forget easily. I’m sure there was some chat that I sent off to the ether this morning, too.

What’s most annoying is that Skype says they will be offline for up to 24 hours! That’s outrageous in this day and age of hot-swappable server hard discs. Are they saying that they are not prepared to rollback to an earlier server version? What kind of IT best practices are they following?

Will I continue to use Skype? I don’t know. I have plenty of frustrations with Skype that range from unpredictable call quality to automated phone systems not recognizing (or misrecognizing) numbers from Skype’s dial pad. Then there’s the issue of constantly upgrading to newer, more secure versions. What a pain!

For now, it’s a cell phone and Yahoo IM world for me. Maybe it will stay that way.


6 Responses to “Skypeless (certainly) and helpless (almost)”

  1. Hugo Says:

    You’re crazy.
    Think before you talk, and it seems that you only use free versions for everything. And go work with your Yahoo aand spam and publicity but don’t forget all the houres taht you spend to ceep your system clean
    have a nice day

  2. oto gincin Says:

    “… not recognizing (or misrecognizing) numbers from Skype’s dial pad.”

    Well, I had that problem too (linux) until I realized that I needed to activate the dial pad on session (child) window.

  3. Mike McGrath Says:

    Interesting comment, Hugo. I put a lot of thought into what I write. Are you saying that since Skype is free there’s no right to complain or suggest that they failed to anticipate somethign like this? I’m afraid you’re wrong.

    PS, Spellcheck should be your friend.

  4. Mike McGrath Says:

    Thanks Oto, I’ll give that a try next time.

  5. Jerome Says:

    I will say it and without spelling errors.

    You’re a fool to rely on a free service as part of your business model, and please don’t try and use the examples of the police, fire departments, public schools, as free services.

    Skype is great, but it is not yet business use worthy.

    By the way, I am saying that you have little room to complain about a free service.

    Oh, one more thing, your photos on flickr suck. Learn some composition and exposure techniques.


  6. Mike McGrath Says:

    Skype is not part of my “business model” it’s just another tool. It’s not completely free since I pay for Skype Out. I’m not going to compare it to public services like police and fire since those are paid for by our taxes. I’m going to make the analogy to another free aspect of life, air. Air is free, yet when it’s polluted, everyone has a right to complain. It’s called freedom of speech.

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