Skype says “The bug has been squashed.”

Although all the blame cannot be laid at Microsoft’s feet, I now recall a persistent dialog box that urged me to reboot after a system update on the day Skype went down. I thought the reboot dialog might be a virus that wanted to take over my computer, but it was only dear, sweet Microsoft. By forcing a system update on millions of computers as once, they created the perfect storm. Julian’s hypothesis (see my previous post) sounded good, but it wasn’t the culprit. It was millions upon millions of log in requests that did the system in.

So what are the lessons?

First, make no assumptions about the problem unless you know the whole system. The definition of whole system now includes your application and everything else your users are plugged into. That’s an infinitely complex hairball.

Second, companies have a responsibility to keep their customers informed. Skype gets a C+ in this department given the lags in their explanations.

Third, everyone as a right to complain about anything. I don’t care if you paid for it, got it for free, or stole it. If it doesn’t do what it was designed to do you can bitch about it. Hell, as far as I’m concerned you can bitch about a clear blue sky. I may not agree, but I’ll stand by your right to say something.

And yes, I’m still using Skype!


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