Social News Smarts

The Silicon Valley chapter of the Social Media Club met at Yahoo last night. The topic was Social News Smarts, Community and User Expectations on Social News Sites. I had the pleasure of introducing Stacy Bond of Audioluxe. She moderated a panel that included:

I would have paid more attention to the panel, but I was assisting Steve Sargeant of Effible Communications set up the audio system shown below. It was designed to bring remote callers into the event via Skype. It sorta, kinda worked.






The system worked as long as the person on the mixing board had fast enough fingers to mute the microphones while the remote callers were speaking. Without muting the mics, the reverb and other audio artifacts were unavoidable. The delays introduced by Skype are not so much about Internet traffic loads as they are about several cycles of audio compression as the cell phones and Skype do it their way.

I don’t like setting up systems before testing them. We were skating on thin ice in that regard last night. Thanks to Steve, we got much of it right.

Next month we’ll be using Ustream and BlogTalkRadio to cover the meeting. Our topic will be the changing face of corporate video. Even if you can’t join us at PodTech on September 12, I hope you’ll be able to catch our stream or archive files.



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