Intel’s Developer Confab

I’m headed up to San Francisco this morning to sample the panels and products at Intel’s Developer Forum. Why is a software guy like me hanging out with hardware guys? It’s because Intel has been leveraging social media platforms to better serve their constituencies. From establishing three developer communities in Second Life to marketing Suite Two, Intel is showing the rest of corporate America how enterprises can benefit by richer online interaction with employees, customers and partners.

Intel recently put its money where its mouth is with the acquisition of Havok, the makers of the tools that create 3D virtual spaces like Second Life and Halo. Clearly, Intel sees a bright future for those that embrace the digital lifestyle.

Intel will be using Ustream to webcast some of the noteable panels. You can catch Gordon Moore‘s keynote at noon Pacific time here. There’s also an interesting panel called “Social Media: Friend or Foe of the IT Organization?” That panel will also be on Ustream today 9/18 at 3pm Pacific time.
I’m looking forward to meeting new folks, learning new things, generating a few new posts and maybe even a few BlogTalkRadio shows. Should be fun….


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