Digital Society on BlogTalkRadio


Join us on BlogTalkRadio today at 2pm pacific as we talk to Eleanor Wynn, Social Technology Architect at Intel Corporation. Show details are here. I hope she will dispel my gloomy view of tomorrow’s digital panopticon.

Eleanor is an articulate speaker that concretely addresses social media and organizational behavior. Her insights into the future include ways social network mapping can be used to understand where conversations were happening and where centers of competence exist. This is the next iteration in enterprise social media and she’s the only speaker I’ve heard address the topic. We’ll explore:

  • What’s the role of anthropology now that digital lifestyles are fair game for research?
  • Are you a participant observer? What does that mean?
  • How does digital society map to face to face society? What’s inhibited, what’s enabled?
  • What’s your projection for the near term, revolution in co-worker relations or a massive time sink?

Please join us for a great show. Call us between 2 and 3pm pacific and weigh in on tomorrow’s digital panopticon. The call in number is 646 478 5503


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