“Boms” says New York Times

Was the copyeditor asleep at the switch or did the river of sludge from the Associated Press automatically feed the nyt’s content management system? I’d like to know…



Dead Bird

I tried connnecting Twitter to my Facebook account today. The resulting message from Twitter did not look good.


I remained optimistic that at least I could get ZuPort’s Flickr feed going. That’s a no brainer in WordPress. Stymied again!


Go home yourself, eh?

Retrevo on BlogTalkRadio


I’m talking with Retrevo on Monday, 9am pst on Digital Society, my blogtalkradio show. Retrevo is an example of what some call Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web. It’s the notion that data is smart enough about itself (the promise of XML and/or AI) to make meaningful associations that are far better than today’s algorithmically driven approach. Sir Tim, OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA and the men behind the curtain of the WWW have been talking about this for some time.


Next Tuesday’s Stanford VLAB event focuses on the Semantic Web with a great panel moderated by Paul Saffo. I’m looking forward to the event, but I seriously doubt the beta badge on their logo. That seems overly optimistic. What ever happened to Alpha?

Who’s on Facebook?

On a lark, I decided to compare the facebook membership numbers of my daughter’s silicon valley high school with my blue collar east coast high school. Surely, the alums of the silicon valley school would be hipper than the blue collar offspring of the steel mills.


Pennsbury High School is roughly twice the size of Carlmont High School, but notice how closely they’re correlated. Different socio-economic regions, yet the pattern mirrors itself. The surprise to me was how quickly the number of members falls off. I wonder why. Any ideas out there?