Who’s on Facebook?

On a lark, I decided to compare the facebook membership numbers of my daughter’s silicon valley high school with my blue collar east coast high school. Surely, the alums of the silicon valley school would be hipper than the blue collar offspring of the steel mills.


Pennsbury High School is roughly twice the size of Carlmont High School, but notice how closely they’re correlated. Different socio-economic regions, yet the pattern mirrors itself. The surprise to me was how quickly the number of members falls off. I wonder why. Any ideas out there?


2 Responses to “Who’s on Facebook?”

  1. Kev Says:

    Considering that Facebook was started by some Harvard guys and initially geared toward the college set, I’m not surprised by the results. Add to that that MySpace is where all the youngin’s hang – at least from what I can gather from watching To Catch A Predator.

    I don’t have the numbers but, Facebook is seen by many as the adult version of MySpace. Perhaps that is why the old skewllers from Pennsbury are ahead of the new skewlers these days.

    BTW – Where’s my Facebook page? I was going to start one earlier this year but realized that I don’t have a decent headshot of me to post. I figured I’d want to start with at least a picture of me rather than my usual avatars.

  2. kev Says:

    Ok – I see I missed the point completely. These are all folks from the same age group.
    My guess would be we have a lot more fatties out here who eat hogies and sit on their asses wired to the web. Out there, you have things like…nice weather, the Sun and more distractions.

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