The new new year


The year is new of course, but the new, new thing for me is the next step in my career. I’ve joined The Conversation Group. It’s a new agency in San Francisco with the people, relationships and tools to make a difference for major brands as they try to engage people online.

The rise of the digital lifestyle has bubbled up a new crop of influencers who don’t watch tv, read newspapers, or listen to the radio. They hang out online. The Conversation Group helps brands understand, listen to and communicate with consumers in new media venues. I could not be more pleased to be working with such a smart group of folks.

I enjoy the earliest stages of new ventures. It’s a clean sheet of paper unhindered by legacy and powered by new ideas. The big idea here is that old media’s share of attention has been on the decline for years. Last year was the first time that Americans spent as much time online as they spent watching tv. You don’t need a math degree to extrapolate the trendlines between old media and new media. It’s one of those immutable trends.


3 Responses to “The new new year”

  1. hilary Says:

    mazel tov mike!

  2. randalc Says:

    sounds b’sheret. Mike this is very cool – I’m so glad you commented on my blog and I want to have some conversations about some of the work I am doing around getting brands back into the conversation – Cluetrain style you know?
    Hope all is well in SF.

  3. People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Jan 17, 2008 Says:

    […] Mike McGrath (who’s been leading the Silicon Valley Social Media Club) announces from his blog that he’s joining social media consulting shop The Conversation Group (see the partners) […]

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