Social Media Club Drinkup

The venerable British Banker’s Club in Menlo Park was the venue for the Social Media Club’s drinkup in Silicon Valley this evening. A number of San Franciscans showed up, refugees from the fog belt. Plaid generously sponsored a few rounds for the crowd. They’re a design shop in Danbury, Connecticut that has the balls to stage a west coast road trip to win hearts and minds. They packed their plaid van with swag and left Vancouver, BC about a week ago. They’re headed down the coast to San Diego before hightailing it to Vegas. They’re fools if they don’t stop in Palm Springs. Really.

I applaud their spirit of adventure. After all, it won’t be long before we’re all driving electrics with 150 mile range. The road trip as we know it is destined to become a nostalgic thought.

If your summer’s looking like one big staycation, then check out Plaid’s video feed from the van. I’m sure the Danburians will be digging it.


One Response to “Social Media Club Drinkup”

  1. bg Says:

    And a few of the New Jersians on board too.


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