F.C.C. Vote Sets Precedent on Unfettered Web Usage

So says the New York Times. Hot on the heels of the SEC’s opinion that financial disclosure regulations can be met with blogs and websites, this seem to be a vote for full employment in the Intertubes Industry. The SEC and FCC have bolstered certainty. Their positions remove regulatory uncertainty to the risk equations used to evaluate investments. All of a sudden the Internet looks like a better place to do business.

The SEC ruling means that the days of expensively produced (and resource taxing) print documents are on the way out. Say goodbye to the annual report that looks like San Francisco Magazine. The quarterly reports are toast as well. You no longer have to kill trees to inform your investors.

The FCC is a slapdown to the telcos. Sure, they’ve lobbied as hard as the oil companies but the cookie isn’t breaking their way. Big oil is next. Suck it up.

I’m not a fanboy of Google or the Valley. I don’t boost tech for it’s own sake. I do recognize times when information is made free and people benefit. This vote is exactly what I’m talking about. Celebrate while you can.


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