A .500 Average

Adam Sarner recently asserted that 50% of social media initiatives are failures. The short snippet I read was light on details and never defined success. That’s probably because success is such an individualized thing. No two clients are alike.

I’m not sure how the PR industry measures itself. I’m sure it’s not as anal as baseball, but efforts at statistical analysis are sure to progress. Batting .500 right now sounds good to me. Let’s compare that to the success/failure ratio of big IT integration projects. Their average is less than major league pitchers.

Despite the headline, Adam ended on a high note.

“When asked whether the faltering economy will mean that businesses are cutting back on this largely unproven field of social media for marketing or customer relations, Sarner said he didn’t think so, and that many businesses will turn to the Web to stay in touch with consumers during a difficult financial climate. “This is going to be a lifeline,” he said. “You don’t ruin your customers, and your spirit of customers is probably the only thing you have.””

Right on…


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