Four Years Out


Today marks the fourth anniversary of Gabriella’s passing. It’s enough time to move on, yet on this day I feel like she was here only yesterday.

My memory is funny that way. I have a terrible memory for birthdays and important holidays, but January 12 really imprinted itself. It is preceded by a sequence of milestones from 2004. Our last Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Not much to celebrate that year other than her survival. We didn’t anticipate that the challenge of 2005 would be our own survival. Not that I had doubts, but it was a long hard slog through a year which can best be described as lost.

As I listen to the gloomy economic news, I really can’t get all that upset. I’ve been to lower lows than dollars (or the lack of) can produce. Today is a relative high spot in my life. I’m together with my kids, we love each other and have an optimistic view of tomorrow. I’m gainfully employed and still find time to ride my bike. It’s only up from where we’ve been.

This year’s anniversary post is one of gratitude. Gratitude to those friends that stood by my side and those new friends that helped move me along. And especially to those deep, deep lifelong friends who’ve always been there for me. You know who you are…. Thanks to all.