I write about some of the stuff that interests me. Ideas, software and people is how I’d sum it up. The three are inseparable. It’s the old three legged stool.

I put in time for the Social Media Club in Silicon Valley and have consulted with companies in the social media space on product and business development. I currently work in San Francisco for The Conversation Group, a new communication agency that focuses on engaging people’s digital lifestyle.
If you like (or don’t like) what you read and want to contact me directly, you can find me at mikefj40 at gmail dot com.

This blog is the result of a new year’s resolution, circa 2006. It’s the only resolution I’ve ever been able to keep.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. francine hardaway Says:

    I read your comment on Dyer’s blog, and it led me to look in your Flickr stream and find your blog, and figure out who you are. And now I love you because of your life experience. I think that puppy Dyer (btw you have a golden??? I have two) has a lot to learn. Let’s have coffee when I get back to HMB in November! And you must know Michael Markman if you were at Apple in the 80’s. I’ve known him since we were two.

  2. HAPPY FIRST Birthday , in|ad|ae|qu|at ! at in|ad|ae|qu|at Says:

    […] von in|ad|ae|qu|at ( 01 01 2007 : Mit dieser Geburtsstunde sind wir übrigens nicht alleine : Mike McGrath’s DOGPATCH DISPATCH e. g. ist genauso alt jung . O- Ton , trocken , trefflich : “It’s […]

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