Quechup: Anti-Social Software (ASS)

I spend a lot of time with social networking/media platforms. Since my consulting work involves engaging emerging online communities, I play with new offerings all the time.

When Chris Heuer’s Quechup invite hit my inbox, I thought it might be worth a look. Chris knows a lot about social media, so when I get an invite from him I assume that he’s inviting me to something that has merit and possibly value. Not in this case. Chris, me, and a cast of tens of thousands got caught up in Quechup’s spammy bullshit.

This is the bullshit in question:


I’m a busy person. That’s why I take headlines seriously. Despite my misgivings about giving a stranger the password to my email account, I really wanted to know who in my Gmail address book was on Quechup. I gave the miscreants my email address and password. I clicked continue. A list of those that have joined and those that you may want to invite appears.

I started by deselecting an ex-girlfriend and moved on to deselecting most. I clicked continue, not realizing that I just unleashed a torrent of invite spam. The spam included an invite to the ex-girlfriend I had just deselected…I really never wanted to hear from her again, but thanks to the assholes at Quechup she got an “invite.” What’s worse is that she wrote back. Crap.

How did this happen? I have several theories. First, I have 2 email addresses for the ex-date. Maybe I just unchecked one and didn’t see the other. Another sloppy anomaly of Quechup’s list is that it shows those that have joined as well as those you may want to invite. Many of my friends are on both lists.

Finally, there is downright deception. Chris’s invite originally piqued my interest yet he does not show up as a contact that is already part of the network. Should I spam him back to keep the score even? I don’t know…

This episode of misanthropic social software is an utter disaster in my opinion. Not only did it stoke the expectations of an ex-lover it added to the daily burden of crap that we get in our inboxes. I hate Quechup. Please avoid it. Pass it on!