Brogan on Utterz Board of Advisors

Utterz has added Chris Brogan to their Board of Advisors. Chris’ insight and passion for new media is sure to add value to the Utterz platform.In Chris’ own words, “I’ve always been drawn to new technologies that can dramatically enhance communications and conversations. Utterz does just that by letting anyone communicate in whatever form they want, whenever they want, as easily as picking up their mobile phone. I’m looking forward to working with the team at Utterz to realize the huge potential of their service.”Utterz is a client of my employer, The Conversation Group, and I’m glad to see them bring a social media guru like Chris onboard. Great things ahead for all.  


The Conversational Media Landscape

parc.jpg  I’m speaking at Xerox PARC’s Intelligent Systems Laboratory next week about socially rich media. I’m focusing my presentation on former client BlogTalkRadio and my current Conversation Group client Utterz. I’m very excited about this since it was an encounter with a Xerox Alto at Stanford in 1979 that redirected my career from analog to digital communications. I plan to record the presentation and share it on BlogTalkRadio. I’ll even create a few multimedia blog posts with Utterz before, during and after the event. Here’s my abstract: 

2007 was a watershed year for media consumption in the United States. Americans spent as much time online as they did watching TV and the trendlines are clear. The Internet will displace TV as America’s favorite media pastime in 2008. The implications for this trend for media creators, advertisers, marketers, and consumers are profound.

The democratization of media access and content creation tools has been accompanied by the rise of the “new influencers.” These are not the well coiffed heads seen on TV. Rather, they are ordinary people that have discovered that the new tools engender dialog not monolog, narrowcast not broadcast, free not expensive. 

We’ll take a look at two platforms build on similar telephony/website technology stacks but with very different positions. BlogTalkRadio has chosen to appropriate an old media metaphor that everyone understands, i.e., talk radio. Utterz has similar technology roots but has embarked on inventing a new media format that enables mobile multimedia blog posts and multimedia threaded conversations. They are in the vanguard of accessible media creation tools that will change the shape of our media landscape.  







Bike crash blues

I managed to dump it this evening on the way back from the train station. Since my right hand still hurts, I thought I’d try Utterz:

Mobile post sent by mikefj40 using Utterz. Replies. mp3
So tell me people…what’s the best lighting rig for my bike that will keep the shiny side up?